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Courtesy Cards

​​You may complete a courtesy card application on here. You must submit a State Verification to the Board office. Download Courtesy Card Application.

Courtesy Card applications must be typed. Once both documents are received​, along with the $100.00 courtesy card fee and $25.00 document fee the application will be processed.


316.010 Definitions for Chapter

13. Courtesy Card: means a card that is issued by the board to a funeral director or an embalmer from another state that gives the director or embalmer permission to receive and transport a dead human body to and from Kentucky for a funeral and to conduct funeral services and burials in Kentucky.

316.140 Application for Courtesy Card
1. A person holding an embalmer's or a funeral director's license issued in another state or federal district may obtain a Kentucky embalmer's or a Kentucky funeral director's license if the board finds that the person, before or after obtaining a license in another state or federal district, has met the same or similar requirements for a license as set out in KRS 316.030 and pays to the board a fee equal to the license renewal fee. 

2. A person holding an embalmer's or a funeral director's license issued in another state or federal district may obtain a courtesy card if the following conditions are met:
  • The person is licensed as an embalmer or a funeral director in another state or federal district;
  • The other state or federal district issues courtesy cards or similar permits to embalmers or funeral directors licensed in Kentucky;
  • The person completes an application for a courtesy card on a form provided by the board; and
  • The person pays a few that shall not exceed the amount of the fee an embalmer or a funeral director licensed under this chapter is required to pay for license renewal. 

4. A courtesy card issued under this chapter shall expire on July 31 of each year. 

5. The holder of a courtesy card issued under this chapter may undertake the following acts of funeral directing:
  • Remove and transport un-embalmed and embalmed dead human bodies to and from Kentucky to the state or states where the courtesy card holder is licensed as a funeral director;
  • Prepare and complete sections of the death certificates and other disposition permits needed for the disposition of deceased human remains, without the assistance of, or being under the supervision of, an embalmer or funeral director licensed under this chapter; and
  • Only a licensed funeral director who has been issued a courtesy card under this subsection may supervise and conduct funeral ceremonies in Kentucky without the assistance of a Kentucky funeral director. 

6. A courtesy card holder pursuant to this chapter shall comply with all the laws of Kentucky when engaged in any acts of funeral directing in this state. The board may revoke or suspend the courtesy card, or subject the courtesy card holder to discipline in accordance with the laws applicable to funeral directors and embalmers licensed under this chapter. Any disciplinary measures taken by the board against a courtesy card holder shall be reported by the board to the state board agency that issued the courtesy card holder's funeral director or embalmer's license or certification. 

7. The holder of a courtesy card issued under this chapter shall not engaged in the following acts:
  • Transfer the courtesy card to another individual;
  • Own or operate a funeral home, crematory, or office that provides or offers to sell or arrange funeral or disposition services in Kentucky; and 
  • Except as provided in subsection (5) of this section, perform any of the acts related to the practice of funeral directing in Kentucky, including:
    • 1. Arranging for a funeral or disposition service with members of the public;
    • 2. Being employed by, or contracted to perform funeral or embalming services in Kentucky by, a funeral home licensed under this chapter;
    • 3. Advertising funeral or disposition services;
    • 4. Executing contracts for funeral or disposition services in Kentucky;
    • 5. Preparing or embalming deceased human remains in Kentucky; or
    • 6. Exhuming or disinterring human remains in Kentucky.

201 KAR 15:030(8)

A processing fee of twenty-five (25) dollars shall apply to all document actions not covered by other fees established by KRS Chapter 316 or this administrative regulation such as national exam requests, out-of-state verifications, official name change requests, and revisions to wall licensure.