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Continuing Education

Continuing Education

​​​Per KRS 316.130 (3) Except for the first licensure renewal following the issuance of an original license by the board, as a prerequisite for license renewal, every Kentucky-licensed embalmer and every Kentucky-licensed funeral director shall attend a minimum of twelve (12) hours every two (2) years in a continuing education program or programs approved by the board. Of these twelve (12) hours, a minimum of six (6) hours shall be attained from programs attended in a live, interactive, in-person format.

CEU's are counted every even year on during the renewal month for that year.  CE's must be in the system by date you choose to renew.  

The link below is a list of the approved continuing education providers for the current licensing year August  2022​ - July 2024. Remember all Continuing Education hours must be reported on the sponsor certificate and include the appropriate approval code as well as your name and license number.

 Per KRS 316.132 (11) The board shall not approve any claim for credit for attendance at a continuing education program unless the licensee provides the signed certification of the sponsor stating that the licensee did attend the continuing education program for which credit is claimed.


Continuing Education Reporting Form
Compliance Period: August 1, 2022 - July 31, 2024

All continuing education vendors have been notified to ensure the required content is included on the Course Completion Certificates.

That is the only documentation that needs to be submitted for your continuing education hours.

You are responsible for submitting your Continuing Education Certificates. This can be done by mailing via USPS the certificate or by scanning it and emailing it to

Please keep a copy for your records.