All forms are now available online and are open field documents so the forms can be typed prior to being printed. Handwritten forms WILL NOT be accepted​ by the Board Office. If turning in an application that is not typed, it will be marked incomplete and returned back. 

Available Forms​​​​

  • Reciprocal Forms

    Applications to be filled out by individuals seeking to apply for a reciprocal license.
  • Embalmer Exam Application

    Embalmer exam request form for apprentices and reciprocal applicants.
  • Seventy & Inactive Form

    For those license holders who are 70 years or older and not actively involved in embalming or funeral directing and who wish to stop obtaining CE hours per KRS 316.130(3).
  • Calendar

    Blank calendar template which can be used by apprentices.
  • Continuing Education Form-Program Accreditation Request

    Continuing education program request form for sponsors.
  • Funeral Director Exam Application

    Funeral Director exam request form for apprentices and reciprocal applicants.
  • Change of Supervisor

    Notification of supervisor change for any apprentice.
  • Apprenticeship Registration

    Application for registration into the Apprenticeship Program. Please include a picture, copy of high school transcripts or diploma, official copy of college transcripts and if available National Board scores.
  • Continuing Education Reporting Form

    This form is for reporting continuing education hours.
  • Establishment Information & Name Change Form

    This form is to request changes to be made to general information for an establishment.
  • Apprenticeship Sworn Statement

    The apprentices must file this document as their sworn statement that they are working and keeping track of all of their cases of removals, funerals and embalming. Must be filed with the Board office every six months the first of November and May.
  • Individual Renewal Form

    Renewal form for the current renewal period only.
  • Establishment Renewal

    Establishment renewal form for the current renewal period only. Include your GPL for your establishment.
  • Apprentice Travel Form

    This form is to be used by apprentices that travel to other Funeral Homes to complete extra cases. This form shall be maintained with the calendar.
  • Courtesy Card Application

    Application for a licensed Funeral Director or Embalmer from another state or federal district which issues courtesy cards or similar permits to Kentucky.
  • Level II Apprentice Application

    This form is to be filled out by apprentice's supervisor to apply for a Level II apprenticeship program. This is only available to apprentices that have served six months and have completed at least 25 removals, 25 funerals and 25 embalmings.
  • Medical Exemption

    This form is for Funeral Directors or Embalmers who require a medical exemption from certain duties but wish to maintain their license. This form is to be filed every year to keep your medical exemption.
  • Establishment Application

    This application is for new funeral homes.