Reciprocal Information

Reciprocal Packet Information

*All reciprocal applicants must meet with the Board no later than one month prior to the exam*​

Criteria for applying for a Reciprocal License with the Commonwealth of Kentucky follows:

  • You must have your current state of licensure complete the certification form.
  • You must have an Associate Degree in Mortuary Science from an accredited school.
  • You must meet with the Board members at a regular Board meeting for approval to take the exams. You will explain why you want and/or need a Kentucky license.
  • You must complete all applications this includes reciprocal applications and exam applications. The fee for a reciprocal exam is $125.00 per license exam.
  • You must provide a certified copy of your mortuary school transcript.
  • If you have taken the National Boards you must provide a certified copy of your scores.
  • All paper work and fees are due in the Board office by:
    • The dates listed on the Calendar.
  • You are required to make a passing grade of 75% on each exam.

Please do not hesitate to call the Board office 502-426-4589 for any additional questions you might have pertaining to reciprocity.

All forms for reciprocal packets and exam applications can be found on the Forms page.

The Kentucky Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors will provide reasonable modification in the administration of all licensure exams for qualified individuals with disabilities. The qualified individual with a disability shall submit, to the Board, documentation from an appropriate professional verifying limitations imposed by his/her disability. The individual with the disability shall request the effective modification.