Establishment Information

New Establishment Information

To open a new establishment, the following process will apply (please read the entire page before beginning this process):

1.       Study KRS 316.125 and 201 KAR 15:110, OSHA regulations, and the FTC Funeral Rule to ensure your establishment meets all statutes and regulations.

2.       Go to the FORMS page, complete the New Establishment application and send the original copy to the Board office.

3.       Once your establishment is ready, contact the Board office to be referred for a new establishment inspection.

a.       Please do not request an inspection unless the new establishment has appropriate square footage and equipment according to the above named statutes and regulations

4.       The inspector will contact you to schedule the inspection of the new establishment.

5.       Once the establishment has been inspected and all paperwork is complete, the establishment will be placed on the agenda for the appropriate board meeting.

a.       Check agenda deadlines for the meeting for which you are interested in attending.

6.       You will receive a letter with the appointment time, date, and location of the board meeting in which your establishment application will be presented.

7.       The owner and manager(s) must attend the board meeting.

NOTE—any document changes submitted after the initial paperwork has been received may incur a processing fee according to 201 KAR 15:030(8).