Apprenticeship Information

If you wish to register for apprenticeship you and your supervisor/employer must complete the apprenticeship registration form. This form can be found on the FORMS​​​​ page of this web site and this. Please mail your completed forms to the Kentucky Board of Embalmers & Funeral Directors at 9114 Leesgate​ Rd Suite 4, Louisville, KY 40222

The following needs to be included in the packet:

  • Complete, typed apprenticeship registration form
  • Check for the appropriate amount ($30.00 for single license, $60.00 for dual license)
  • Two Passport size (2x2) pictures of the apprentice
  • FBI Background check​
  • Copy of High School transcript/diploma
  • Official SEALED College transcripts ​(Note: the transcript must be sealed from the institution)
  • Official copy of National Board scores (if taken)

If you do have employment in addition to the full time job at the funeral home, you must list the other employer and the hours worked per week at your second job.

After your apprenticeship application papers and fee are received by the office, you will be notified of a time and place for you and your supervisor(s) to meet with the Board. If approved by the Board, your apprenticeship starts the day you meet with the Board.

Apprenticeship Guideline

1. If your apprenticeship changes for any reason you MUST report it to the Board Office.
              a. Change of Supervisor-Use the CHANGE OF SUPERVISOR form (found on the FORMS​ page)
              b. Change of Location-Use the APPRENTICESHIP REGISTRATION form
              c. Mortuary School (Graduating/Attending)-Submit a letter
              d. Terminate-You AND the supervisor must submit a letter
              e. Sick Leave-You AND the supervisor must submit a letter
2. ALWAYS keep your calendar updated. Best practice is to write activity daily and fill in time off beforehand. Ensure your calendar
     is available at all times for the inspector.
              a. A blank copy of a calendar is available on the FORMS​ page
3. Anything submitted to the Board office must be typed. All forms can be found on the FORMS page. Every form is open field; type in the boxes and then print the form. 

Six Month Book Reports

1. Apprentice reports must be filed every year on May 1st and November 1st
              a. May 1st report is for dates October 16 to April 15
              b. November 1st report is for dates April 15 to October 15
2. You must mail in a Apprentice Sworn Statement (found on the FORMS page) and book report
              a. If you are in Mortuary School you do not have to do a book report, but you MUST still turn in the Apprentice Sworn                           Statement with the hours you are enrolled in at the bottom of the 1st page
3. The first book report of the apprenticeship MUST be on the Laws, Rules and Regulations of the State Board. The remaining book reports can cover any magazine or newspaper article or textbook pertaining to funeral directing and embalming. 
               a. All book reports, except for the first one, must contain a reference that includes: author, name of article, name of                              newspaper or​ magazine, month and year of publication, and pages of article.
4. All book reports must be 2 pages double spaced and typed in 12 font. 

Level Two Requirements

When applying for Level Two Apprenticeship the Board office must have proof that you have done the required 25 cases. The 
level two form can be found on the FORMS page. 
            a. Funeral Director only: 25 Removals AND 25 Funerals
            b. Embalmer only: 25 Removals AND 25 Embalmings
            c. Funeral Director and Embalmer: 25 Removals AND 25 Funerals AND 25 Embalmings

Apprenticeship Test Information

The Board exams are offered monthly. The exam application can be found on the FORMS​ page.  The applications are due by the exam deadline listed on the calendar.  The calendar can be found on the main page.  When your apprenticeship is complete, it is the apprentice's responsibility to apply to take their state board exams.  If you have questionsabout your eligibility, you may call the office.  For consideration, all exam applications must have required paperwork and payment prior to the exam application deadline. 

The following must be included in the packet:

  • Complete, typed exam application
  • Check for appropriate amount ($75.00 for single license, $150.00 for dual license)
  • Picture of apprentice
  • Copy of High School transcript/diploma
  • Official copy of College hours/degree
  • Official copy of National Board scores (if taken)

According to 201 KAR 15:040 section 1 (4)(a) The Board may accept the results of the examination prepared and administered by the Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards and the results of an oral examination on the subject of embalming administered by one (1) or more members of the Board in lieu of the written examination for embalmer's license administered by the Board.

Kentucky Laws Exam:

  • Kentucky Board laws
  • Pre-need and cremation (does not include pre-need in relation to cemeteries)
  • OSHA requirements
  • FTC Rules
  • Vital Statistics 

Funeral Director Exam:

  • Accounting
  • Ethics
  • Funeral Directing
  • Mortuary Administration
  • Mortuary and Business Law
  • Psychology
  • Sociology of Funeral Service

Embalmer Exam:

  • Anatomy
  • Chemistry
  • Embalming
  • Microbiology
  • Pathology
  • Restorative Art
The Compend of Funeral Services is a good study guide for those who are taking the entire written Funeral Director's exam and/or the written Embalmer's exam.

The Kentucky Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors will provide reasonable modification in the administration of all licensure exams for qualified individuals with disabilities. The qualified individual with a disability shall submit, to the Board, documentation from an appropriate professional verifying limitations imposed by his/her disability. The individual with the disability shall request the effective modification.​